sfun-portfolio 3 2015 04 26副本S-fun was a concept design developed during a one-week Workshop organised by FUJITSU, featuring theme “A LIFE WITH FUTURE COMPUTING”.

sfun-portfolio 2 2015 04 26副本Later in the same year, S-fun was exhibited in Hong Kong Design Center as workshop project with FUJITSU during Business of  Design Week 2010.

sfun-portfolio 2015 04 26S-fun is designed for modern people living a sonic lifestyle. With fast speed, high-quality information and User-oriented system design, one can easily do shopping. 

sfun-portfolio 2 2015 04 26 Not only is S-fun a mobile device, which are capable of searching, shopping and designing. More importantly, S-fun establishes communication between consumers and producers by enable users to upload their own designs, which helps to improve products and create new designs. To create such communication is our interpretation for “a step forward”.

sfun-portfolio 4 2015 04 26副本

Banner design for the University website.

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