Later Note- APP design

LATER-portfolio 3 2015 04 26

When faced with two challenging tasks, in order to avoid the complicated one, people tend to choose the easier task, which they would put off too if the complicated one had not been presented.

LATER-portfolio 2015 04 26Based on this psychological phenomenon, we designed Later Note, a intuitive, fast, user-friendly reminder APP which tolerates Procrastination but also helps getting tasks done at the same time.

LATER-portfolio 2 2015 04 26

1. It only takes three taps to set a new reminder with Later Note, no more noisy date-pickers.

2. Statistics allow user to see how much they have achieved. Try to unlock all the achievements while accomplishing daily tasks.

3. Overdue tasks can be easily reset in history page. Don’t feel bad if you failed one task, there’s always a second chance.

4. One tap to put off the task, better later than never.

LATER-portfolio 4 2015 04 26

Each time the user puts one task off, LATER NOTE suggests another option from the following tasks to help the user save time in a different way.

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