Distant Hills

Emotional Interactive Product design, an integrated Kitchen with Extension.srtp-portfolio 2015 04 26

srtp-portfolio 2 2015 04 26

srtp-portfolio 3 2015 04 26

Through the design of extending space, the „Distant Hills“ changes the side-by-side operational pattern in a traditional kitchen and creates an interactive space for free face-to-face communication. Meanwhile, changeable shape design not only extends usable space but also grants a dynamic feature.

srtp-portfolio 4 2015 04 26

The shape of the design is inspired by the conceptual image of the rolling mountains in a distance. To develop an overall style of simplicity and freshness, curves with classical essence are combined with a vivid color of bright olive drab which is associated with spring days full of vigor. In order to create maximum practicality in the limited space, the “Distant Hills” integrates all comment functionalities of kitchen into a single independent island. Below the operational platform is a translucent plant area, which adds natural vigor to life.

In to the Woods

rings-portfolio 2015 04 26

I like to work with wood and leather as a hobby, because the natural materials and the plain process of crafting grants me a calm and peaceful state of mind. Compared with fast-paced entertainment, I would rather spend time with these natural materials and enjoy the process of transforming them from a raw state into a meaningful piece of object.

rings-portfolio 2 2015 04 26

Above is a hand-made ring of African Blackwood.