Silk Road- Interactive Installation

silkroad-portfolio 2015 04 26

silkroad-portfolio 7 2015 04 26

Interactive installation design. Installed in exhibition to commemorate cooperation between Zhejiang University and Xinjiang University.

silkroad-portfolio 2 2015 04 26

This design is based on two conceptual images: the Silk Road and the Dap (musical instrument in Xinjiang). The Dap drums are aligned according to the geographically winding path of the Silk Road, in which each drum holds the name of a symbolic town along this path. The interactive lighting is designed to extend towards both ends of the path, symbolising the transmission and communication between both cultures. Meanwhile, the shape and interactive method imitate the way of playing the Dap drum, demonstrating the hospitality of the Uyghur people as well as their natural talents in singing and dancing.

silkroad-portfolio 4 2015 04 26

The installation design“Silk Road” is composed of two states: While inactive, each light unit remains at an independent breathing status with the names on the drums indistinctly recognisable, allowing the device to show a sense of life even at inactive state.

silkroad-portfolio 5 2015 04 26

silkroad-portfolio 3 2015 04 26

When stricken, the drum generates an acoustic feedback and starting from the stricken unit, the light in each drum will be activated successively towards both ends of the device. Such visual effect of extending and transmitting light expresses the design consideration of cultural communication.

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